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Definition of OTHER
Pronunciation : OTHER

Adjective : OTHER

Source:WordNet 3.1

  • 1. (

    ) not the same one or ones already mentioned or implied; "today isn't any other day"- the White Queen; "the construction of highways and other public works"; "he asked for other employment"; "any other person would tell the truth"; "his other books are still in storage"; "then we looked at the other house"; "hearing was good in his other ear"; "the other sex"; "she lived on the other side of the street from me"; "went in the other direction" ;

  • 2. (

    ) recently past; "the other evening" ;

  • 3. (

    ) belonging to the distant past; "the early inhabitants of Europe"; "former generations"; "in other times" ;

  • 4. (

    ) very unusual; different in character or quality from the normal or expected; "a strange, other dimension...where his powers seemed to fail"- Lance Morrow ;

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